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Printer Alignment Questionnaire

Please fill out these questions so we can better serve you. All of the question fields are optional. A representative will respond to the email address or phone number you provide.

1. If you are using Maestro Label Designer, have you reviewed our printer alignment guide located here?

2. What is the item number that you are printing on? Please also provide the lot number of the product if you have it available.Clamshell label example
3. What software program are you using to print onto the labels?

4. If you are printing onto the labels using Maestro Label Designer, have you confirmed that you have your page scaling disabled in your PDF viewer? It is critical that you print at 100% scale.Print dialog

5. If every label on the sheet is out of alignment in the same way, please measure how much the alignment is off in both the horizontal direction (left/right) and the vertical direction (up/down). Let us know the direction and the amount it is off.Shifted print
6. If every label on the sheet is out of alignment in a different way, please describe as best you can how they are off.Streched print
7. Please provide any other additional details that you think may be helpful to our team in troubleshooting your issue.